October 23, 2009

Killer story of love and a painful reality … … … …. From a GRESY … ….!

“I never imagined before, if it really happened …. A heart wall already peeled …. As thin slices of the fruit that was missed to razor me…. Felt tight, sore, cut …. Tortured …. Or whatever else I feel …. For what and why I had to think about it?
A very strong urge to shake my heart like? Is this growth as a result of a love that torture? Or only I feel right? I tried to dismiss …. I was not only drunk by the pain …. But I really like disileti a knife that never stopped every wall of my heart ….

Every second I remember him …. Every time I fantasize about him …. Is this a feeling of misguided love? Or is there something from the other directions?
I’m always digging, questioning …. But there was no answer …. I just found an empty space, frustration, and my soul is so dry … .. I already fell in a point distant and unattainable … .. point that will never … kugapai bias. And just let me in the emptiness and emptiness is no sense … ..

I’m sick if I do not find … ..? made of whether his heart seemed so cruel to leave me like this? “Grasyeea write in a diary, was wiping tears from her eyes. His face was so kept the pain in … … His eyes were empty and even very empty … .. a moment later, the wind menggerai beach hair. Until his long hair was immediately hit by bursts of scattered wind … …

“Gresy!” Crist suddenly appeared clutching his shoulder. Gresy turned …. He just stared blankly at him. As if many of the detained and unspoken … ..

“What else do you write in your diary?” Crist seized Gresy diary …. Gresy tried keep it, but the man’s hand is strong Crist to Gray surrender …. Crist immediately read the entire diary was written just Gresy … ..

“You? You’re still expecting a shadow incarnate? “Crist shook his head ….
Gresy just looked down at it …. The face flushed … ..
“Look at me, look at these two eyes bolah, Gresy …. Could not you forget it and accept myself the shadow of an uncertain it? “Crist raised chin Gresy …. Again, only the silent Gresy … ..
“Do not let yourself be skinned by the uncertain expectations, saying ….,” Crist reached Gresy into peelukannya. Crist is a man gentle, kind and so perfect … .. But strangely heartfelt love of Crist was unable to touch heart Gresy … .. Who is the image that was so strong shooting in the heart of love Gresy …. Until he really let himself killed by the sting of love? It makes Crist seemed like being in the puzzle unanswered.
Crist repeatedly tried to make Gresy mention, who the shadow is in his diary. But never budge Gresy to just keep the name that killed him with love for only existed in his heart.
… … … … … … …. Continued!


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October 23, 2009

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